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It’s been a while… I hate that song but it is true in this case. I haven’t blogged in quite some time and my subscriber list is showing the effects of that. For those of you still out there, thanks for sticking around, I really enjoy sharing my thoughts, desires, missteps and mistakes in my quest to become an amazing decent single in London. Unfortunately my career has gotten in the way of keeping up with the blog in the last few months which is why I haven’t been able to keep you updated with all the lurid details of my dating life.

You see, I’ve made the rather terrifying decision to quit my day job and become a full time freelancer. It all started when a friend of mine showed me his profile on elance.com. He’s not a dumb guy, but I wouldn’t call him a software programming genius by any stretch of the imagination. He dabbles in wordpress development and can write a okay script now and again mind you, but I don’t think google will be beating down his door to have him rewrite their algo anytime soon. Still, he is absolutely killing it on elance! He gets all kinds of clients from every corner of the globe. They mostly hire him to escort them through the development stages of directory sites. Seems like a small niche, but he has made himself an authority on it and can pretty much write his own ticket. Here’s what elance’s homepage looks like:


You can see they are a force to be reckoned with. Well, I saw what he was doing and created my profile that day. The invites for jobs came rolling in almost immediately. Actually no they didn’t, it was complete silence for weeks on end. Despite his easygoing nature, my friend actually is a hard worker and it took him a lot of time to build the credibility of his profile to the point where big clients trusted him with their projects. I kept at it though and managed to find a few small jobs – way under my hourly rate – but I worked my arse off on them and earned a handful of 5 star reviews which are worth their weight in gold. Finally, around May, I landed my first really big client. A wealthy entrepreneur brought me on the team to oversee the technical aspects of designing a CMS system for escort directories. It was hard work and I had to really study a lot of Java scrip and jQuery that I though I knew, but couldn’t quite implement into his system. I’m really happy to say that we prevailed though and his product has hit the market and is already getting good reviews from customers.  I’m really proud of the intuitive back-end/admin system we came up with, you can see a little bit of what it’s capable of here:

directory billing features screenshotIt looks so simple in that picture, but dozens of hours went into making it work smoothly. This has been a great experience. One that tested my abilities and made me a much better software script writer. Thanks for reading about it, if you have any stories about finding a new, exciting job opportunities outside of traditional working modalities please let me know about it in the comments.

experience london with your girlfriend

My list of best places in London for first date

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First encounters are scary. I have been a resident of London for years and have experienced my share of ladies, if I can be so bold. Typically, it is not too hard to get a girl to go out with you. I tend to bump into interesting, single people all the time – either in person or on the internet. But I’ve, luckily, always been an engaging and outgoing person who doesn’t have a hard time meeting people. If you are introverted, or the thought of chatting up a bird out of the blue intimidates you I’ve got some advice that you might think sounds controversial: get practice dating beautiful women by hiring an escort What? I’m not going to see a prostitute, that’s crazy. I hear you, but hold on a second and let me explain. I’m not talking about your run of the mill street walker – that is sketchy – but rather one of the countless elite independent courtesans that anyone can find in London.  There are literally hundreds of educated, intelligent, professional ladies in town that happen to have side jobs as escorts. These women are sophisticated and usually very kind, if you are shy around the opposite sex this might be the best way to build up your confidence. The best way to get started is to thoroughly research your escort’s online presence, check out her website and look for quality independent web design for escorts and be sure to read her reviews on punternet.com to make sure she is legitimate.

It is the prospect of having the perfect meeting that usually scares me off. Planning is especially unnerving and I do not really know the person, do not know what their likes and dislikes are; and the first date is my only chance to make a good impression. But, it is also important not to come off too strong. This is why I always make it a point to make my first date low key, peppered with a little individuality.experience london with your girlfriend

Tea and cakes at Picadilly Circus

Public places are always a good spot for first dates. Personally, I prefer the Picadilly Circus for its vibrancy and huge array of shops. There are endless coffee shops here, which serve beverages and savories at affordable prices. Hence, I can have a great first date without shelling out a fortune. Plus it is fun to just sit with my date and watch the myriad crowd around and share anecdotes and a laugh. Just perfect.

Fun at football at Bar Kick

If my date happens to be a football enthusiast too, then there is one place that would make the perfect first date spot – the Bar Kick. This place has football tables and I have spent evenings with my dates playing on these tables and having laughs over chilled beer. The entire place has an informal vibe, which I really like. It makes the first date fun without making it too intimate or personal. And the fun my date and I seem to have here often sets up the premise for a second date!

Lazy afternoon at Hyde Park

Hyde Park has always been my favorite. I especially like the Pedalos. I get to laze around on the pedalling boat amidst the lake on balmy afternoons. The experience gets even better when I have a first date. The pedalling takes care of the activity part and the boat is a great place to have conversations. Plus the open sky and nature takes off the stress of first date. The amazing places in the city make dating in London a memorable experience.

Blind dates can be scary

My experience of blind dating

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glamour-pics-for-datingI am an adventurous person and I would try just about anything once. No wonder I have many hobbies and meet many people through those. But I had never tried blind dating in London. The concept itself seemed strange to me and besides I have always had an active life with lots of people to cater to. But last week a friend of mine went to one such blind date set up by a professional matchmaking agency and she could not stop gushing about it. So I thought I’d give it a try too.

Meeting a complete stranger



Why I like speed dating in London

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I have many friends who frown upon the idea of speed dating as a good way to meet eligible dates. But personally, I find the concept liberating. I am a busy professional with hardly any time to attend various parties or browse online dating sites. Hence, when it comes to dating in London, I seem to prefer the organized set up of speed dating where I can meet people on short dates and am free to decide whether I would like to see them again or not.

Speed dating brings like minded people together

I have attended a number of speed dating events and I like the fact that they are organized as per the age range, the ratio of participants and often as per particular niches or hobbies. It has helped me find dates who share my interests and whom I can have a good conversation with.

It’s Fun! Even if you don’t speak French you can see how much fun these speed daters are having:


No pressure

I love the no pressure environment of speed dates where I do not have to feel guilty for not wanting to see someone again and do not even have to explain myself. This takes off the pressure and helps me make friends where the romantic spark lacks. Speed dating in London is indeed a fun experience.


My favorite places for dating in the city

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drawing-me-escort-dateI have spent a large part of my adolescence as well as adulthood in London. Hence, I have discovered numerous lovely spots throughout the city, which can make dating in London a memorable experience. When it comes to dates, I have found that locations affect a lot. If my date and I liked the location, we were more prone to have fun on the date. The ambience does matter. Hence today, I am going to share some of my favourite dating spots in London, where I have had my best dates.

Strolling along Southbank

There is hardly anything as low key, yet romantic as a walk. I am a walking afficionado myself and going for a walk on the Southbank has been one of my most favorite date activity. I prefer this spot for a second or third date, as the open air and the peace around helps in making good conversations. I love to sit in the shops here for a small bite and then stroll through the area with my date, looking at the skateboarders going about and the various shops with books on sale.

Snuggling up at Aubin Cinema

If my date takes me to East London, then Aubin Cinema would be my definite choice. This cinema has cosy couches, blankets and I can also get food and wine from the bar available here. I have had great times in this place. It is comfortable, there is a movie playing and I get the option of snuggling close to my date. This is as romantic as it gets, without being too cheesy or over-the-top. It has an easy location and my date and I have always comeout smiling from this spot.

Late nights at Natural History Museum

I am a closet museum enthusiast and it makes me ecstatic when I can go to such museums on dates. I t gives me an opportunity to be in an ambience I like, and also to show off a little, as I do read up a lot on such stuff. Museum lates are my particular favorites. Here, I do not have to wrestle for space with the regular day-time crowd. Museum lates are the after hour events that are organised in museums, and you need to buy your passes beforehand. It is worth it though, as you get to marvel the exhibits with your date, in a setting that is not too crowded while sipping on choicest wines. This makes for classy dating in London.

Intimate whispers at Gordon’s Wine Bar

When I have been dating someone for long enough, I like to make my dates intimate. Gordon’s Wine Bar in Central London is a wonderful place for such a date. A myriad crowd visits this place – from new lovers to classy London escorts – and it provides just the right kind of intimate ambience. I can spend hours here, whispering sweet nothings to my date, over heady glasses of wine and delicious food. The place is low key and perfect when you are looking for some personal couple time on your date.

Picnics on the Primrose Hill

On the perfect, sunny day, there can be nothing better than a picnic to make your date a memorable one. Primrose Hill is my favorite location for such picnics. It is simple, inexpensive and most importantly, makes conversations fun under the open sky and green nature around. I just prepare a simple picnic basket and run off to Primrose Hill with my date in early afternoon. There we sit on a rug, munch on our picnic food and have the time of our lives!